Cutegram: A Cuter Telegram Application for Linux

Cutegram: A Cuter Telegram Application for Linux

Cutegram: A Cuter Telegram Application for Linux

What is Cutegram?

Cutegram is a free and opensource telegram clients for Linux, Windows, OS X and OpenBSD, focusing on user friendly, compatibility with desktop environments. Cutegram using Qt5, QML, libqtelegram, libappindication, AsemanQtTools technologies and Faenza icons and Twitter emojies graphic sets. It’s free and released under GPLv3 license.

Telegram is one of the best instant messengers for Linux and it definitely needs no introduction. It is loved by the community because you can install Telegram in Linux thanks to the official native Linux client. Telegram runs on my Android phone and on my Linux desktop, so life is good.

Telegram is also privacy-focused, featuring a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.

But the thing that sets Telegram apart is its limitless nature. There’s no limit on the size of the file you can share using Telegram. You can send files of any format. The groups can contain up to 20,000 people, which I guess is quite limitless

Now although I don’t use Telegram on a regular basis, I do think that the Telegram desktop client looks kinda boring. I mean it’s simple and usable alright, but slightly boring. And that’s where Cutegram steps in.

Cutegram: An unofficial but better Telegram app for Linux

Cutegram is an alternative for Telegram desktop client created by Aseman. Do note that it uses Telegram as backend. It is not a different messenger service. It’s just a different client for Telegram with additional features and more intuitive looks.

Cutegram improves upon the visuals. The colors are bright and attractive. The theme is highly customizable with the options to change the background image and the color of the main bar. It uses Faenza icons and features the Twitter emojis. It overall looks better than Telegram.

As far as functionality is concerned, Cutegram does everything that Telegram does. It syncs your contacts as well as messages through the central Telegram server. You can access your groups and create group chats. And secret chat facility is also available if you want to use end-to-end encryption along with added privacy features. You can also use multiple accounts on Cutegram.

In addition to that, Cutegram uses native desktop notifications, Twitter emojis and provides drag and drop support.

If you are willing to give it a try, here’s how to install Cutegram in various Linux distributions.

Cutegram is available for Linux, Windows and macOS. You can get the executable file from its webpage. Just download and change the permission to executable and run it:

Download Cutegram

Alternatively, you can use the following methods.

Install Cutegram on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS and other Ubuntu derivatives:

Install Cutegram on Arch Linux, Antergos and other Arch derivatives:

Install Cutegram on any other distros, run the below commands one by one:



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