Tusk Evernote Client Updated, Is Now Available as a Snap

Tusk Evernote Client Updated, Is Now Available as a Snap

The Tusk Evernote client is now available as a Snap.

We spotlighted the unofficial Evernote app last year, finding that it added to and improved on the standard Evernote web app in a number of ways.

Through the inclusion of optional themes, keyboard shortcuts, custom tweaks, a tray icon, and more, Tusk integrates the Evernote web app with the Linux desktop in ways a regular browser tab can’t.

A number of improvements have been made to the app since we first mentioned it. This includes the aforementioned addition of a Snap package plus —deep breath:

  • New & improved themes
  • Improved tray icon integration on Linux
  • Option to launch Tusk minimized
  • Option to autostart Tusk on login
  • Ability to hide the sidebar
  • Custom Shortcut Keys
  • New Log-out option
  • Pdf note exporting
  • Auto-night mode
  • Continuous note navigation
  • Markdown cheatsheet

This list reads as a decent set of improvements that help round-out the appeal of using Tusk versus Evernote in a browser tab.

Install Tusk on Ubuntu

Although Tusk is available as a Snap app it is not currently available to install from the Ubuntu Store.

Instead, to install the Tusk Snap, you’ll need to download the snap package from the Github releases page and then install it manually by using the command line or Ubuntu Software.

Download Tusk 0.9.3 Snap (64-bit)

But, you may think, if you’re going to the effort of a manual install you might as well use a more traditional installer, plenty of which are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, including a distro-agnostic AppImage.

Download Tusk Evernote Client from Github

Thanks Marko M.

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