How to Install VMware Workstation 14 on Ubuntu 17.04 / Linux Mint 18

In this article we are going to learn How to install Vmware Workstation 14 on Ubuntu 17.04. Vmware is a virtilaziation application used to install guest operting system’s virtually. Before we go for Vmware Workstation 14 Pro let’s first understand what is Virtulaziation. Virtulizaion means you have a computer with a primary operating system (like Ubuntu, Cent OS, Microsoft Windows 7..etc). Now is it possible to install multiple other operating system’s without formatting the primary OS ? The answer is Yes. We can do this using an application called Vmware. Vmware Workstation 14 Pro is a premium version of application. For testing purpose you can use Vmware Player but you can’t use it commercialy. Here we are going to install Vmware Workstation 14 Pro in Ubuntu 17.04 .

What is Guest Operating System ?

The Operating System we are installing on Vmware is called as Guest operating System. Vmware Workstation 14 Pro supports all Microsoft Windows OS, Linux OS.

What is the advantages of Virtualization ?

With the help of Virtualization you can install multiple operating systems virtually on a single Physical System. By doing this you can save lot of money which you would have invested on data center, physical server, lot of space, costing of AC, costing on UPS and so on. Today virtulization is become a main need of large organisations.

Follow the below steps to install VMware Workstation 14 Pro

Step 1: Install dependent packages for VMware Workstation 14

Open the terminal and type following apt command.

Step 2: Download VMware Workstation 14 from its Official Site

Access the following url from your web broswer to download trail version of Vmware Workstation 14 on your system

Download VMware Workstation 14

Step 3: Start VMware Workstation 14 installation from the terminal

Before starting the installation, let’s us set the executable permissions on the downloaded bundle file.

Now Start the VMware Workstation installer by executing the downloaded bundle file.

How to Install VMware Workstation 14 on Ubuntu 17.04 / Linux Mint 18

How to Install VMware Workstation 14 on Ubuntu 17.04 / Linux Mint 18 / Fedora 26

Accept the License agreement and click on Next..

Select Yes option if you want to check updates on startup otherwise select No

Click on Next to proceed further.

In this step select either Yes or No depending upon your choice.

Enter the user name who will have the rights to connect VMware Workstation Server, In my case user name is “”

Specify the folder or directory on which Shared Virtual machine’s files will be stored. You can change its path as per your requirement. In my case i am keeping as it is.

Https port for VMware Workstation Server

In Case you have the license Key of VMware Workstation 14 enter it here otherwise leave it blank for trail version.

Click on Install as VMware Workstation 14 setup is ready.

In this step we can see that VMware workstation 14 installation has started and is in progress.

Installation Completed Successfully.

Step:4 Access and start using VMware Workstation 14

Click on VMware Workstation icon

As we are using trail version or a license of VMware workstation so select the second option and in case you have license key then select the first option.

VMware Workstation 14 Pro

when prompted to enter my password root

Now the installation is completed, start creating virtual machines !!!!

Step:5 Install Open VM Tools in the Virtual Machine.

Login to the machine and open the terminal and type beneath command to install open vm tools.

You can create a Debian based virtual machine (Linux Mint 18) or Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark or Windows 10 …vvv . I try install Windows XP 😀

How to install Vmware

Remove / Uninstall VMware Workstation 14 on Ubuntu

Type the beneath command to remove or uninstall VMware Workstation completely from your system

Uninstall VMware Workstation 14

Uninstall VMware Workstation 14 on Ubuntu

If select ‘Yes‘ all data file keep , Recomend ‘No’ option and click on Next..

Uninstalling of VMware Workstation 14 is in progress.

License key VMware Workstation Pro 14.0


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