WinFF the best converter :How To Install & Use In Ubuntu Linux Or Derivatives

WinFF is free video converter for Win Xp to Win 10, Debian, and Ubuntu. WinFF has been used around the world to help people post their videos on the internet despite repressive regimes.

WinFF 1.5.5 is mostly just a cleaned up and repacked winff 1.5.4 for possibly the final version.

For now (and maybe ever), I am going to be hosting winff on my personal site.

This maybe the final version of WinFF except for preset updates. The WinFF website is being retired after 10 years. Thanks to Paul Gevers, Ian Stoffberg, and all other contributers for all you have done.

FFmpeg is the command line, cross-platform tool to record, convert, compress and stream audio/video files. Although the command line is easier to use for experience users but for new it’s iron ball to chewing. Why not use GUI for FFmpegWinFF. WinFF is a GUI tool to convert and compress each file that FFmpeg can convert.

We often need to convert/compress audio or videos files to play on some small screen devices. Sometimes you pay for a movie but later on you find your smarphone is missing codecs for that and so not playing. You can easily convert any video with WinFF in any format you want. Let’s see how to install and use it.

Install WinFF

Installing WinFF is pretty easy. Simply add the following ppa and update local repositories and install WinFF.
Most Linux distros have WinFF in their default repositories, so first try to install without adding PPA.
(Optional) Install the unstripped version of ffmpeg:

How To Use WinFF

Once installation finishes, launch WinFF from menu. WinFF has very simple and easy to use interface.
WinFF the best converter :How To Install & Use In Ubuntu Linux Or Derivatives

WinFF the best converter :How To Install & Use In Ubuntu Linux Or Derivatives

Add File To Convert: WinFF

First set the format you want the file to convert into. There are many preset also that you can choose from. For example, I want to upload video to MPEG-4, so I selected Website and preset to be ‘MPEF-4 720p'(or 1080). There are many presets listed. You can choose any of your desire.
Select the output folder where converted file will be saved.
There is even more. See the button in top right? ‘Options‘. Click it. And there is even more you can do with your file. You can specify Video/audio bitrate, Frame rate, Video size, Volume and even crop the video. Do you as you need.
Once you have done setting up your conversion. Click ‘Convert’ button from menu and the conversion will start in terminal.
When the conversion is completed, terminal will prompt to press enter to continue. Press enter and done! You can now browse the folder where you saved converted file. Enjoy!

WinFF is very easy to use with so many preset or format. You must give it a try if you regularly do file conversion. If you are using any other file converter or FFmpeg GUI tool then please share it with us in the

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